Picking fruit at Mekong garden - Mekong delta tour

Traveling to the Southern orchards in Mekong Delta

The fruit season in the South is all year round. We can find many different kinds of fruit during the year. Have you ever tried Lai Vung tangerine, Go Cong acerola, Cai Mon durian and Vinh Long rambutan? Let's check out
Catching fish with local - Mekong delta one day tour

Being real farmer in Mekong delta one day tour

Homestay model for trips to the Mekong Delta is popular to tourists, especially the foreign ones. Let's check out the unique experiences when being as a local farmer in one day tour.
Bay Nui Cow racing in An Giang - Mekong delta trip

Bay Nui's Cow racing in An Giang

The Bay Nui's cow racing festival of Khmer in Tinh Bien (Tri Ton, An Giang) is a sport event at Dolta occasion whose meaning is thankfulness towards ancestors.
Ok Om Bok festival - Mekong delta culture tour

Ok Om Bok - traditional thankfulness festival of Khmer people

The biggest festival of Ok Om Bok Festival annually takes place on 14 and 15 of the 10th lunar month so that local people can pray for the whole New Year with favorable weather and successful crops.
Ba Chua Xu festival - Mekong delta day tour to Chau Doc

Pilgrimage to Ba Chua Xu Shrine in An Giang

Joining a pilgrimage to the Ba Chua Xu Shrine in An Giang, Chau Doc is one of the must-try experience when ones travel on Mekong Delta Tour.
Sunset from Sam Mountain in Chau Doc - Tour in Mekong delta

Sunset on Sam Mountain – Tra Su Cajuput Forest

The experience of watching the sunset on Sam Mountain and exploring Tra Su Cajuput Forest is worthwhile for your trip in Mekong Delta Vietnam.
Watermelon boat at Long Xuyen floating market - Tours in Mekong Delta Vietnam

05 most attractive floating markets in Vietnam

According to the Vietnam Record Centre (Vietking), top 05 most attractive and vibrant floating markets in Vietnam are Phung Hiep, Cai Rang, Cai Be, Miet Thu and Long Xuyen floating markets.
Ro bam Royal dance of Khmer - Mekong delta tour

Typical dance-drama of Khmer people in Mekong Delta

When talking about the Khmer culture, it’s a pity if you won’t mention the name of their dance-drama, called “Ro bam”, a treasure of the Khmer culture.