5 steps for finding the perfect house for rent in Hanoi

When I’m looking for a house to rent in Hanoi. I’m never in a hurry. I want to get a place that will suit my needs. You too should take your time before you decide on the house you would rent. Do not fall to the temptation of going for the first house that comes your way. Do not compromise on your choice of a house for here is a place you want to call home for quite some time. That said here are 5 steps for finding the prefect house for rent in Hanoi.

# 1 Write down what you need in a house: what sort of a house are you looking for? You cannot have the attributes you are looking for in your head. Sit down and list all the qualities of a house you would want to live in. Be realistic in your demands. Once you get out there to look for a house you will have a point of reference on your notes. You will not make mistakes that you will regret.


# 2 Weighing in what you can afford and what you cannot: depending on what you can afford, you will get a house in that equivalence. There are low priced houses and others that will cost you a fortune. Look into pocket and gauge what you can comfortably afford without offsetting other needs. Go for a house that you will comfortably pay for and be left with enough to take care of all other family and personal needs. Do not be lured by the misconception that expensive is quality. As long as a house meets over 80% of your other demands then the rental fee will not be much of a problem.

# 3 Get out and look for a house in Hanoi: now you have listed all that you would want in the house you are looking for. You have even set the price range within your pocket means. It is time you step out and look for the house. Do not forget to bring with you the written notes on what you are looking for. They will help you compare and contrast one house to the other. Ask as many questions as you can about each house. Do a physical inspection of each of them. By the time you are done you will have a house that perfectly fits your requirements. Be sure to know about hidden costs that may come about once you make your commitment to a certain house.

# 4 It is time to move for the house you have chosen: once you have found a house that fits your bill then make the final move. Make sure you are fully aware of all the details of payments and moving in. It is advisable to make a final check and certify this is where you want to live. Tick against the requirements you had written before. It may not be 100% what you are looking for but as long as the major concerns are catered for it is time to close the deal.

# 5 Take your time: if you want to get the best rental house you have to take it slow. You may have an urgent need for a house but that should not compromise on meeting what you want in your house. Do not make an offer for the first house you see. Go through a number of them before you make the final decision. Go with someone to help you make the right choice. Two eyes are better than so they say. Only settle for a house that will satisfy your preferences and do not worry how long it may take you.

Do you like the comments in here? Are they helpful and would you use them? Share them with your friends and help them make the right choice of a house to rent. It is always important to get a house that will meet your needs. It is recommendable that you take time to find a good choice other than moving in a house you will regret. Do not bulge to pressure of time or the urgency to get a house. If you have steps that you have used before to get a good house for rent be free to share with other readers.