05 reasons why Mekong Delta is loved by many tourists

Mekong Delta is located at the downstream of Mekong River, also the farthest region of Vietnam.  Every small thing in Mekong will make tourists fall in love with this appealing nature and also the hospitality of local people. Here are some of most popular reasons to love Mekong Delta region given by tourists’ opinions.

  1. Rice paddies

Mekong Delta’s rice paddies are desired places for visitors who love photography and taking pictures because of their photogenic post-harvest brown or brilliantly green.

  1. River life

Daily life of local people here are mostly on boats. They live nearby the waterways so their main transportations are boat. Visitors will find it interesting as it will be totally different to visitors’ normal life.

  1. Floating markets

Do you go to buy food or goods in the supermarket or market? However, when visitors reach Mekong Delta River, they can witness a totally different view as people trade their goods or buy things on the river. Floating market of Mekong Delta has been the icon of this beautiful region.

  1. Home-stay experience

Staying in local’s home is considering the best way to have an insight of the culture. Cooking together or sharing their own stories will give visitors the most unforgettable memories.

  1. Local activity experience

Unlike relaxation or leisure vacation, tourists will have chances of living the true life of local residents here through activities like fish-catching, trading on boats and harvesting fruits.