At Dong Tam Snake Farm in Tieng Giang - Mekong delta tour

Back to Tien Giang for its biggest snake farm

If ones get a chance to visit the Mekong Delta Vietnam and stop over at Tien Giang – the gateway to the delta region, tourists cannot miss a trip to closely look at many different species of snakes at Dong Tam Snake Farm (in Binh Duc Commune, Chau Thanh District).

Stretching over 11 hectares and about 10km far from the city of My Tho, Dong Tam can be regarded as Tien Giang’s biggest snake farm and one among the country’s largest snake breeding and anti-venom making center. There are more than 50 species of snakes at Dong Tam, even including poisonous ones, such as king cobras, Colubridae snakes and pythons.

Foreign visitors at Dong Tam Snake Farm - Mekong delta tour to Tien Giang Province

Playing with a python at Dong Tam Snake Farm (Photo: Minh Nga)


Recently, the Vietnam Records Book Center has acknowledged the farm’s snake museum as the first one of Vietnam. Lying adjacent to the museum are wide ranges of restaurants which cater many snake dishes. Typically ones are rice soup with snake, snake salad and fried snake bones.

While visiting snake farm at Dong Tam, tourists can be instructed to treat snakebites as well as to remove venom and then use venom as medicine. Furthermore, tourists are also able to buy snake wine, powder, glue and anti-venom at many shops around there.

Biggest snake farm in Tien Giang - Mekong delta tour Vietnam

Tourists gathering around an area raising Monocled cobra (Photo: Minh Nga)

Absolutely, aside from snakes, Dong Tam is also home to sheep, ostriches, tortoises, monkeys, birds and crocodiles, along with the majority of large trees, green space and lakes. Not only being a place for preserving rare snake species and doing research on snakes, the biggest snake farm in Tien Giang is also a center for visitors to indulge in wildlife and discover the nature beauty.

Entrance tickets for Dong Tam Snake Museum? VND25,000 (around US$1) per adult and VND15,000 per kid.