Catching fish with local - Mekong delta one day tour

Being real farmer in Mekong delta one day tour

The South of Vietnam is a new land, thus, there are not many ancient cultural values here. In return, local people are very gentle, generous and friendly. Therefore, many people choose the homestay model for their trips to the Mekong Delta. Living with a local family and participating in their daily activities bring tourists an interesting experience. You can bail out a pond to catch fish, grill them in rice straw and enjoy the dish with fresh vegetable to experience the Mekong Delta to the fullest.

Catching fish with local - Mekong delta one day tour

Catching fish with locals in Mekong Delta

After the meal, tourists can take a bike tour around the village on small roads in the shades of fruit trees to savor the fragrance of fruit in the air which can be hardly found anywhere else. When the night falls, tourists will be served with the Southern folk music so-called don ca tai tu which is both academic and common, being honored as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humankind. With typical regional accent of the Mekong Delta, young local people will perform touching songs which surely arouse your compassion for exploders of this land.

Many foreign tourists love to listen to this kind of traditional music although they do not understand the content of the lyrics. The combination of the sweet vocal and the melodies of specific instruments has absorbed into their hearts naturally because don ca tai tu is the language from the soul of Southern people.

In the spacious garden, people can enjoy the fresh and juicy fruit while listening to the traditional tune. This will be an unforgettable experience on your journey to the hearty land of the South. Let’s come and feel it.

( Text by Phan Truong Son – Photo by Vietnam Discovery Travel)