Can Tho – The biggest, busiest city in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Known as the dynamic economic center of immense Mekong Delta region in Southern Vietnam, Can Tho City bears the unique attractiveness inside that anyone wants to visit.

If tourists are spending time in Ho Chi Minh City or even so far away and have a few extra days in the trip, tourists should definitely visit Can Tho to see how life is in the Southwest of Vietnam. Can Tho will consequently with no doubt give visitors numerous exciting experiences whether it’s first time to come and discover.

Coming Can Tho, there are 03 destinations that tourists will always wish to check in including Ninh Kieu Port, Cai Rang floating market and Can Tho Bridge which are symbols of the modern but still-keep-the original-value city.

Ninh Kieu Port

Ninh Kieu Port is famous for being the most visited tourist attraction in Can Tho. The Port was always incredibly busy in its old time in the Vietnam War, but in the modern days, it is a serene and attractive part connected with the whole region, especially most crowded at night. Coming Ninh Kieu Port and tourists will have a wide choice of services for tourists, most notably the tour to the floating markets on sampans, or fresh local food that are harvested on a daily basis.

Cai Rang floating market

Being classified among Top 06 outstanding floating markets in Asia, Cai Rang market in Can Tho province is popular for its simple rafts and floating houses of local residents living on Mekong Delta River that attract all local and foreign tourists. Normally, the market opens from early morning until late in the afternoon, hustling and bustling trading on hundreds of wooden boats full of waterway-region products. At present, although the traffic network has been considerably improved, residents still exchange and trade products this way as their own traditional significance. You can find tour to Cai Rang floating market at Mekong delta tour full day.

Can Tho Bridge

Can Tho Bridge, the most expensive 2.75 km cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam began its construction on 25 September, 2004 and was brought into daily use on 24 April, 2010, spanning over Hau River, connecting Can Tho City and Vinh Long Province. The bridge looks exceptionally splendid at night when it is shined with hundreds of light bulbs. In addition, the bridge is painted in red that can be easily recognized from so far away; accordingly it is considered the modern symbol of Can Tho City.