Downstream on Mekong Delta River in Vietnam

Mekong Delta Vietnam, or “Nine-Dragon River Delta” as the way the residents here usually call it, is located in the South-West of Vietnam that derives from the mountain of QingHai through YunNan province (China), Myanmar, Laos and Thailand before reaching Vietnam and flowing to the sea through the distributaries network.

Mekong River diverges in Cambodia into two main rivers, Hau Giang and Tien Giang before reaching Vietnam into a more complicated system, creating small maze canals, rivers networks which are interspersed with fishing villages and featured floating markets. Moreover, for both independent traveller and groups, these rivers and tributaries can be the best to explore Mekong Delta at a relaxing life-speed and they also provide tourists with the remarkable opportunity to truly experience the unique Mekong River lifestyle.

The Southern area in Vietnam covers the Mekong Delta, the extreme Southern end of Mekong River, and the area around Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. For those who have come to the land, this peaceful place is of timeless sceneries of farmers planting, harvesting rice or catching fish. Every year the Delta receives the abundance of the siltation from the upper Mekong, covered with rich and lush rice fields. This land is also titled as “The Rice Bowl” for it produces about half of the total of Vietnam’s agricultural output, in along with spectacular countryside sceneries of endless storks spanning wings on the white blue sky.

Joining a day tour to Mekong Delta, you will get an insight into the rural life in the Mekong Delta Vietnam, which therefore revolves much around the river, and all the villages can be often reachable by river as well as by road. The highlights of local life here may be well attached with hustling and bustling floating markets called Cai Be, Cai Rang and Phung Hiep ones, luxurious tropical fruits orchards, green-covered islands, and even the moving houseboats. Being nurtured from the first moment of life in the middle of immense water space, Mekong locals have got used to their living on boats for their homes are nowhere but nearby waterways and their livelihoods are provided also by all specialties of Mother Water. When a son is born, he is taught to cherish all the waterway values in terms of local languages, humble culture as well as life spirits until they pass away and then hand down to their next generations all the full, priceless morals. The characteristics of residents are influenced by the geographic features or surrounding environment as well. Southern Vietnam, naturally blessed with favorable climate, fertile soils, endless green paddy fields and lush fruits orchards, is motherland of warmly-hearted, easy-going and hospitable residents. That all together creates the beauty and cultural characteristics of the locals here which are shown in traditional poems and music for the past years.