Is travelling Vietnam expensive for Thai citizens to choose?

There are more and more foreigners travel to Vietnam as it is an attractive nation. The rate of Thai coming to Vietnam has also been increasing. But how much does it cost to travel to Vietnam? Is it expensive for taking a trip in this country? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Vietnam Visa

Because you are the citizens of Thailand, there is no need to get Vietnam Visa if you stay in Vietnam with 30 days. However, if you want to be in Vietnam for more than 30 days, Vietnam Visa will be required no matter what purpose you are going to enter this country. Details can be found at:

The convenient, simple and effective way for you to have Vietnam Visa is applying for it through VOA Vietnam (Vietnam Visa on Arrival). Please be noticed that if you are applying for this kind of visa, Approval Letter will be sent first via email before you can get visa stamped at Vietnam arrival airport. You have to pay for service fee if you choose this way to have Vietnam Visa which depends on the number of applicants, the type of visa and the processing time (normal or urgent). Also, remember to exchange some US dollar for stamp fee when arriving at Vietnam airport. Stamp fee is based on you type of visa. For further information about service fee and stamp fee, please check out carefully Vietnam visa fee.


Vietnam has many nice and cheap accommodations. There are dorms available almost everywhere and is seen an ideal stay for tourists travelling Vietnam. Most of the dorms have good quality and cleanliness besides other conveniences such as fast internet, warm showers, and air-conditioners. Also, you will be given a cooked-to-order breakfast up to 10 am. If staying at a dorm, you can be offered to share your room for an even cheaper rate. The cost just ranges from $5 to $10.


In general, there are many vehicles for travelling Vietnam from place to place. Taxis are pretty reasonable when you travel in a short distance. You should take trustworthy taxi companies such as Vinasun and Mailinh, whose fee is fixed their meters so that you won’t be afraid to be cheated.

Trains wouldn’t have been too bad if your trip is not on Vietnam Tet holiday.  However, travelling Vietnam sometimes costs almost double.  If possible, book directly instead of through your guest house, which definitely takes a commission if they book for you.

The Sleeper Buses are often awesome for visitors if you’re traveling Vietnam around from city to city. This is one of the convenient vehicles in Vietnam. The fee for this type of transportation is almost US $12 per journey.

Food and Drink

This can be considered as the best part of travelling Vietnam. Foreigners, food and drink in Vietnam are quite cheap. By on $1.50, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner of street food, generally consisting of soup, fresh spring rolls, rice with various accompaniments, or noodles with meat.



Beauty of Vietnamese Cafe

Vietnamese coffee is amazing, and typically costs only $1.  It’s made with very strong coffee, sometimes mixing up to five different varieties, then mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

It is also reasonable to try tasty beer for only 50 cents. Even better, there are many hotels offering happy hours for free beer.

All in all, travelling Viet Nam is not expensive to many Thailand citizens. It’s nearby countries so that it will be a great chance for people considered as neighbors of Vietnamese to explore a new land. Money and cost is not the matter as experiences you get will amaze you.