Launching website to discover Mekong Delta Vietnam

Realizing the romantic autumn begins from September when the tourism season in Vietnam hit the greatest point of a year round, Vietnam Discovery JSC., has made the plan of launching a new Vietnam tourism channel to foreign friends. We are full of pride to introduce our newly-built website, hoping to bring you the whole fresh insights into the Mekong Delta River and its attractiveness. With this new channel, it is expected that you grab all the beauty and magnificence of immense Mekong Delta region here in Vietnam.

Established at the beginning of September, is a qualified site which is the connection of eye-catching, friendly interface in along with informative resources that mostly satisfy your wonders and request about discovery tours in Mekong Delta.

Our website is professionally designed in images as well as content including parts listed as below.

About Mekong: Mekong Delta River is the immense region with a variety of loveliness. In this part, we will give you brief information about the region to make sure you have an overview about this legendary land you are going to visit.

Mekong Tour: Mekong Delta is known as the region of spectacular destinations, so we tried as best as we can to design the tours that are suitable for your schedule. You can choose any tour that you feel like most as well as you can afford it in terms of time and finance budget. The region is also listed among must-visit places so spend your precious time here and you will definitely have unforgettable memories ever.

Mekong Map: An overall map about Mekong Delta region is also attached in our site, pinned with a range of famous destinations in this land. Through this map, you can easily imagine your places to go and sketch up the most appropriate route for yourself.

About us and Testimonials: In this part, all the comments and responses of our dear clients after discovering Mekong Delta Tours with leave behind. We all know that your opinions are so significant for us in building up our tours and our services, so if you have any feedbacks please feel free to contact us.