The Land of Coconut legend and values

Located 80km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Tre warmly welcomes tourists to come and enjoy the natural space and remarkable cultural values. As a result, having a journey with a full day Mekong delta tour to Ben Tre in this hometown of coconuts can inspire a sense of enjoyment and inner peace for travellers after long, hard-working days.

Ben Tre is a vast green area of lush paddy fields, the wooden boats on waves and coconut trees in particular make everyone all feels relieved. With a widespread area of coconut trees, those images seem come to a legend of Ben Tre when tourists think of the land, they think of shadow of coconuts and long, unlimited coconut trees ranges with leaves swaying in the open air.

Thanks to the geological advantages, the weather in Ben Tre is warm and sunny all year round and is a fertile land for coconuts to grow. The trees are everywhere from North to South; however that only in Ben Tre, coconuts become the characteristic. When visiting Ben Tre, tourists can see more coconut trees. Coconuts are along the roads. Coconuts are not only special food that people remember the face and name but also turn out to be the deep soul of Ben Tre residents. The land covers a 53.000ha area for planting coconuts and provides a large number of products for exporting each year to foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, China, etc. Besides processing into various products such as activated carbon, desiccated coconut, coconut jelly, mask and coconut candy, Ben Tre locals still take advantage of all the components of the tree as relatives, stems, bark, leaves to make a lot of traditional handicraft products which attract many visitors to visit and gather in the village of Con Phung (Chau Thanh district) and Hung Phong. Moreover, Ben Tre has many traditional villages which are considered a good condition to develop the tourism village types associated with ecotourism.

Not only well known for Coconut legend, Ben Tre is also reputed for its historical values that attached to the locals’ daily lifestyles. During the severe wars against foreign invaders, Ben Tre was regarded as the “General Uprising Land”, which initialized the armed struggle against Ngo Dinh Diem puppet regime in Southern Vietnam. The war reached its peak in 1960 when thousands of Ben Tre people, apart from genders, ages, and occupations, arose the fight and heroically died for their homeland liberation. Then people in Sa Dec, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh and elsewhere also violently arose together with Ben Tre locals. Thanks to the very Vietnamese heroic spirit like in Ben Tre, Vietnam finally can gain peace and live in harmony like today. Therefore will all honor, the heroic and historical Ben Tre is actually worth to be visited by both local and international tourists to have deeper understanding of their souls.

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