Tourists prefer homestay experience in Mekong Delta Vietnam

It is said that the perfect way to make the best out of visitors’ journeys is interacting with local people, and one of these ways is staying in the local’s homes. A lot of tourists after taking Mekong Delta tours have recommended home-stay experience as the must-try experience when visiting this beautiful region.

Local people in Mekong Delta region is well known for their hospitability, warm heart and easy going with other people. Therefore, during the time staying there with local residents, tourists will feel like staying at their home.

With the home-stay experience, tourists have opportunity to try daily activities of local people such as cooking the dinner or spending quality time with family after the whole day. Through these unforgettable experiences, visitors will get an insight into local life. By living in a local home, visitors will get endless opportunities to explore familial traditions of the nation.

Maxine D from United Kingdom has left her precious feedback about this experience: “The home stay itself was lovely; the couple who owned it was so kind and was thrilled to have us in their home. It was right next to the Mekong in amongst the trees!”

Another feedback from Reneeandandrew in the well-known tourism website TripAdvisor: “The home stay was just beautiful, right on the river edge with lovely gardens owned by the Mai’ family (just don’t forget to pack the mosquito repellent). Everything we ate was delicious and we even learnt how to make spring rolls. The bike ride through the town, stop at local markets and trying sugar cane juice was a great experience too. Definitely would recommend this tour”

Home-stay experience are strongly advised for visitors as the must-try activities that should not miss when traveling to Mekong Delta, Vietnam.