Picking fruit at Mekong garden - Mekong delta tour

Traveling to the Southern orchards in Mekong Delta

If being asked when the fruit season in the South is, I will answer it all year round. We can find many different kinds of fruit during the year. Have you ever tried Lai Vung tangerine, Go Cong acerola, Cai Mon durian and Vinh Long rambutan? If your answers is no, you’ve got to come to the Mekong Delta and let your mind wander amid the fruit gardens in a golden afternoon to enjoy the sweetness in the air.

Rambutan - a specialty of Mekong delta - Mekong delta trip

Rambutan – a specialty of Mekong Delta

Fruits are available year round in the Southern region of the country. The delta is always ready to treat you with various kinds of fruit according to each season, especially in the summer time. Therefore, a large number of tourists visit the Mekong Delta in the summer when there are a lot of delicious ripe fruit waiting for people to enjoy.

Tien Giang Province is the first stopping point of the journey from Saigon. Cai Be District lying along the Northern bank of Tien River is considered the largest fruit barn in the Mekong Delta. The land is known for many famous fruit such as Hoa Loc sweert mango, grape fruit, big longan, king orange, honey orange and so on. Walking in the gardens, tourists can freely pick up home-grown fresh fruit from the trees and eat on the spot. This will be an indescribable experience for those who love to mix with the nature.

Traveling to Vinh Kim Commune in Chau Thanh District of Tien Giang, visitors will have opportunity to explore the capital city of the famous Lo Ren Star apple. The brand name has been developed by local people according to GlobalGap standards which are considered as the passport bringing this popular fruit to the world.

Lost in the lush orchards of Mekong Delta - Trip in Mekong Delta

Lost in the lush orchards of Mekong Delta

Going further to Cai Mon, Cho Lach District in Ben Tre Province, we can witness the land with a milk weather and lush trees thanks to Co Chien and Ham Luong rivers. This place is known throughout the region for its durian, rambutan, grape fruit, mango, longan, plum and the like. Specifically, Cai Mon durian with yellowish meat and small seeds or green grape are specialties famous for its taste.

Nam Roi grape fruit cannot be missed when mentioning Vinh Long fruit because of its elegant sweetness and fame. In addition to Nam Roi grape fruit, Tich Khanh and Tich Thien rambutan is also well-known nationwide for its sweet-scented taste. Multiple tourists love to visit rambutan gardens to contemplate the rosy red bunched of fruit dangling in the beautiful sunshine. In the harvest season, you can join local farmers to pick up the ripe rambutan. Your reward is to eat your fill and experience the feeling of being a real farmer.

Can Tho city is the highlight of the Mekong delta trip with another interesting discovery waiting for you at Phong Dien, My Khanh. Slender young women wearing loose fitting blouses are seen in jolly boats which are full of fruit to prepare for the floating market in the early morning. Can Tho is adjacent to Hau Giang where is the beginning of Quan Lo – Phung Hiep. When passing this region, a wide range of fruits is presented on both sides of the road in the thatched huts. Phung Hiep tangerine and Nga Nam orange are famous specialties that you can buy as a gift for your loved ones.

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