Vietnam Guide for US citizens – Must-eat dishes in Saigon (Hochiminh)

Saigon dishes have always impressed visitors by its youthful colors and savory flavor. Despite rapid changes in recent years and the rise of fine-dining hotels and restaurants, it is still easy for you to find common street food and eateries for the taste of authentic Vietnam’s delicacies.

This guideline will provide you some essential food that you must try when arriving Saigon:

  1. Banh mi

Walking down Saigon’s street, you will probably see dozens of food carts selling this type of food. There are several kinds of banh mi, however, the most common kind begins with baguette that cut in half using knife or scissors, then stuffed with small pieces of pork, pickle vegetables, pate, cilantro, chilly sauces and mayonnaise. The price for each often falls between 10.000 VND and 20.000 VND. If you are not a fan of meat, don’t worry, there are plenty of choices for you including: eggs, sausages (gio, cha), chicken, etc.


“Banh mi” is in top of best street-food all over the world

  1. Pho

Even when you have never set your foot in Vietnam, you probably heard of Pho. It is the most famous and common food in Vietnam, starting a day with a how bowl of Pho is a morning routine of many Vietnamese people. Pho is soft rice noddle served in soup broth, eaten with beef or chicken, vegetables such as cilantro, bean sprouts, lime juice, etc. This quintessential food is priced between 20.000VND to 50.000 VND, you can easily find it at street markets or sit-in restaurants in HCM city.


Pho – Soul of Vietnamese cuisine

  1. Banh xeo (Crispy Pancake)

Like banh mi, banh xeo represents the French influence on Vietnamese cuisine. The batter of banh xeo is made of rice flour, and turmeric (coconut milk is added in some places), then it is stuffed with flavorful ingredients such as: shrimps, bean sprouts, sliced onions, and carrots, etc. Crispy pancake will be served with fish sauce and eaten with vegetable like: cilantro, lettuce, chameleon plant, basils, etc. The price for each is 10.000 VND.


Delicious “Banh xeo”

  1. Bun cha

Bun cha is first originated from Hanoi, however, it is well-received by Saigon’s citizens, and visits from around the world can easily find them anywhere around the streets. Bun cha is a dish using vermicelli rice noddle, seasoned and grilled pork, sweet and sour fish sauce. It can be eaten with greens like lettuce, basils, and cilantro. The taste of bun cha depends largely on the sauce and personal taste of each.


Tasty “Bun cha”

  1. Banh trang tron

It’s basically a snack that can be eaten at any time in a day, and become pretty common in Vietnam in recent years. It is made from rice paper, then mixed with fruit and vegetable like mango, basils, dried fish, quail eggs or squid. Sometimes, mayonnaise and chili sauce are added based on customer’s taste.


Colorful “Banh Trang Tron”

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